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Chipper Cloud

Chipper Cloud was designed to cultivate an inspiring culture of positivity through reinforcement of dreams, ideas, and goals. Chipper takes us back to when we were all children laying in the grass looking at the clouds, and the world was a simpler place; a place of hope and wonder, a place with limitless possibilities that encouraged us to dream big.

As we grow up with these thoughts of creativity and inspiration, sometimes the world can rain on our dreams, and fill us with thoughts of doubt and rejection. These thoughts can lead to a belief that we’re not creative beings and we lack the skills to become thoughtful and productive members of the creative community.

Chipper Cloud represents an encouraging force of creativity and imagination to battle through negative storms and turn them into positivity. Chipper IS the silver lining of inspiration in every grey cloud.

His motto of “Let’s Go Create” speaks to anyone, regardless of age, who wants to tap into their creativity and make the world a better place.

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